Business Advice – In business, it’s often the small changes that lead to the big growth

When things are not going well the truth is, you’re often only a few millimeters away from massive growth.  In fact one of my core beliefs is:

“Often it’s not that businesses are doing the wrong marketing, they are in fact doing the right marketing, but slightly wrong”.

Maximising every area of your business must be achieved in:

  • Lead generation
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Improving sales development
  • Increasing referrals
  • Maximising social media and your online reputation
  • Using LinkedIn
  • Up-selling and cross-selling.

The first step is to understand your current process and results that are being achieved in every process.

For example – Your system for winning referrals.

  1. What is your referral system?
  2. How is it performing currently?

Once you have your system identified on paper and you know how well it is working, then produce a concise plan to target specific improvements.

Follow these five steps to start maximising your company:

1. What are your systems?

What are the main systems that impact your business? This could be leads, the sales process, the transaction value, etc. List them out and prioritise all your systems.  Identify all your systems that could have a high impact on growing your business.

2. Identify the key drivers within each system

Once you have a list of your key drivers, determine what needs to be measured to produce the biggest difference financially. Eventually, you will look at every system but it’s most important to start with your key drivers.

3. Form a plan for improving how to maximise the impact of each system 

Brainstorm any strategy to maximise effectiveness within your key drivers. What’s currently being done?  How can you make it better?

4. Create an action plan

Create a project plan for how you’re going to achieve everything (we use Establish the who, what, when and why.  

5. Measure, measure, and measure 

Over the next 90 days, track all noticeable differences. Has this made a difference?

At every stage of the process, show your team what’s possible so they understand the results. To work properly, the process of creating and improving your systems needs manageable, measurable goals. Incremental improvements will reap huge rewards.

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