The holidays are coming…

The holidays are coming and they will be upon us soon

The advice I keep hearing is…

  • Slow down
  • Take it easy
  • Nothing will happen between 10th December and 10th January
  • Enjoy Christmas
  • Be happy with where you are and what you have
  • Enjoy the festive season.

Quite honestly, that advice is bullshit!

Whilst I don’t want to appear like Scrooge and say ‘bah-humbug‘, I do want to get you out of the mindset that Christmas starts on 10th December and ends on 10th January.  It doesn’t, for me it’s 24th, 25th and 26th December and then New Year’s day on 1st January.  If you are serious about growing your business, in 2019, then you need to be doing what your competitors are not willing to do and work right up to Christmas.  Can you really take a month off and do very little?

The truth is that most small business owners simply can’t “relax and take it easy” and that is because they never do enough during the year to free themselves of their struggle to survive and pay the bills that comes as a result of mediocre sales and marketing actions.

People who promote new age, esoteric advice like “take it easy” are encouraging a mindset that isn’t doing you any good.

My advice for you is that no one is going to save you!

No one is going to pay for your family or your retirement.  No one is going to pay your mortgage and no one is going to pay your tax bill, or VAT.

For the rest of December 2018, and throughout 2019, you need a different mindset.  You must use every moment you can of every day to create sales.

This will ensure that you accomplish your goals, happiness, security, confidence and dreams!

Right now, I have two ways that can help you do just that.

  1. I can mentor you throughout 2019 and help you to make significantly more than you did in 2018
  2. We can do your marketing for you with our in-house team.

Call me to discuss on 01256 242 272.

We don’t do any marketing…

People proudly tell me…

And they should be proud because to me this means that they are doing a great job. They clearly wouldn’t get so many leads if they weren’t very good at what they do and being good at what they do is creating word-of-mouth referrals. However, these companies are missing out on a significant amount of additional leads, sales and new business.

The reason for this is that they are simply not utilising the success strategies employed by every leading business and business person. In other words, building a business based on multiple streams of income.  This means building a business that as multiple marketing strategies that are tried and tested and proven to work in the real world.

My strong advice to anybody who is building the business purely based on referral is to do two things.

No.1 – is the make sure that you are maximising your return on investment from referral, or word-of-mouth

No.2 – is to build additional streams of income that also create a positive return on investment.

I read a cool quote from Bill Gates today:

Business Success Advice

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

My first year in business was 25 years ago and I thought I was going to be instantly successful and make a lot of money but things didn’t turn out anywhere near as grand as I’d thought.  This first year I sold a lot.  I sold my car, my expensive watch and I did lots of tennis coaching.

However, now that I’ve been in business for many years I’ve achieved more than I could ever imagine.  I can’t imagine what another 10 years is going to look like…

Moral of the story:

Don’t give up!  So many people I meet try a given form of marketing for a few weeks, or months, then give up.  Understand that the big rewards come over the long term and not the first week or month.

Stay patient and play full out.  Consistency is key!

How to use LinkedIn – LinkedIn tools you may not be aware of…

What are the options when using the paid for advertising on LinkedIn

There are five options when considering the use of the paid advertising on LinkedIn.

They are as follows:

  1. PPC targetted advertising on the right-hand side or top of the home page
  2. Sponsored content
  3. Re-marketing targeting people who visit your website
  4. Re-marketing targeting people on your email list
  5. In-mailing to a specific target market.

All these options can be tested very easily and cheaply!  It is just a question of knowing what to do.

Now watch the video

To find out more click here.

How to improve your time management

One of the biggest problems that I come across is a lack of time.

In small businesses this is ofter due to the owner of the business doing the wrong work!

So here is a great video to help yo to solve, or at least reduce that problem!

Have a listen and like to on YouTube if you enjoyed it!

How to find great business advice – One piece of advice that will change your business

Your parents gave you good advice like…

  • Save your money…
  • Go to university…
  • Buy a house…

Here’s the truth of the matter:

No matter what people tell you your problem is – LACK OF INCOME!

Income will solve almost every problem that you have.

You need to make more money, and I want to help you do it.

Here are 4 simple ways to get income immediately.

  1. Pick up the phone and speak to your customers and past customers
  2. Start asking for referrals
  3. Spend more time creating income.  Most business owners ‘do marketing’ one evening per week and post twice on LinkedIn per month and that is simply not good enough!
  4. Keep following up until they die, or buy.  Most businesses are really poor at follow up.  They say things like “I don’t want to be too pushy”.  Or “I have phoned him/her twice”.  Again simply not good enough.

Put simply, if you want to grow your business and your income, then get off your arse and work hard at creating leads and converting leads into sales.