How to become more successful

In this podcast I talk about success in business and I discuss why most businesses are not successful.

In fact, 80% of all small businesses who start this year will no longer be trading within five yes. What’s worse than that is that of the remaining 20% a full 90% of those will have closed their doors within the next five years. So if the first five don’t get you, then the second five probably will.

I’ve been in business for 25 years and so I must be doing something right.

However, more than that, I’ve spent the last 25 years studying business and learning from many of the worlds leading business experts and advisors and in this podcast I’m going to explain my thoughts regarding why businesses do not succeed at least not to the level that the owner of the business would like, or to the true potential of the business.

So, sit-back, relax and draw your own conclusions and let me share with you my thoughts on how you can become more successful.

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I often got told…

“Steve, I want to shake your hand thanks for your superb talk!”

“Steve, I want to invest in your programme, I just need to increase sales first so that I can afford to do so!”

“Steve, I want to join your RESULTS Programme someday!”

These are not unusual comments. I’ve seen a lot of them in the past.

But here’s what I noticed…

The people who made those comments… they never do anything and I never see them again.  How can you improve and then get a coach to help you to improve.  

Action is always the key to success and without it you will fail.  So if you are:

  1. Failing to make the calls
  2. Failing to take action on LinkedIn
  3. Failing to create leads
  4. Failing to get traffic to your website
  5. Failing to grow your email database
  6. Failing in your business…

Then now is the time to STOP.  Now is the time to book a meeting with me and let’s see what happens!  Call me on 01256 242 272.

Sales and Marketing Training

New sales and marketing training for 2019

This year I am offering new 1:1 training sessions (available on demand) on the list of topics below.

So you can now book one of these whenever you wish.

To book your session use the RESULTS Discovery link on this page – Click here

You will also need to confirm the training topic you want to cover in the 60 minute session.

The planned sessions you can choose from are:

  • SEO – How to conduct Keyword research and choose your terms
  • SEO – How to create SEO optimised content and structure your website
  • SEO – How to create offsite SEO content (3rd party links and articles) and how to manage
  • Website – How to improve the conversion rate of your website
  • Video – How to produce video for free, add it to your website and then market your videos
  • PPC – Google and Bings Ads (Foundation Level and Best Practice)
  • PPC – Google and Bings Ads (Intermediate to Advanced Level)
  • Referral – How to win more business by referral
  • Sales – How to win meetings on the phone
  • Sales – Handling objections
  • Sales – Producing a script
  • Sales setting up a sales system
  • Email Marketing – Best Practice
  • Email Marketing – Copywriting Techniques and Review
  • Email Marketing – Automation and Managing Lists / Accounts and Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns – Facebook
  • Social Media Campaigns – Instagram / Twitter
  • Social Media Campaigns – LinkedIn
  • Google Analytics / Search Console – How to Read!
  • WordPress – How to Use
  • Blogging – Best Practice
  • Lead Generation – Bespoke Ideas for Your Business

Each of these training programmes can be delivered either online, in our office, or (in your office, if you are within 1 hours drive of Basingstoke) (travel at 50p per mile is charged).

The cost of the training is £250 for 1 to 10 people.

To book your training please us our diary system on this page, but do not forget to email us to confirm the type of training you would like.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in sales and marketing is trying to sell too soon

For over 25 years I’ve been helping small businesses to market their services.

There are many mistakes that I’ve seen businesses make in that time and one such mistake is trying to sell too soon.

If you have any form of reasonable sized sale then it may take you a little while to build a relationship with a client to a level where they know, like and trust you, your products and your business.

Just examine your own behaviour – if you’re making a big purchase like a car, house or a holiday, then you’re probably going to take your time over it.  You’re probably going to look at several different options and you’re probably going to consider your options carefully.  You’re also far more likely to buy from someone that you feel confident in.  In other words, someone that you ‘know, like and trust‘ and from a company that you know, like and trust, and also a product or service that you ‘know, like and trust‘.

If you are like this, then I am sure you’ll agree that other people are also like this.  So if you are trying to make sales it makes perfect sense to nurture people in order to get them to a level where they ‘know, like and trust you, your company and your products or services‘.

There are basically three types of prospect:

  1. Low hanging fruit
  2. Mid level
  3. Cold.

So my question for you is – which type are the easiest for you to sell to?

The answer is of course obvious – it’s the ‘low hanging fruit‘. So the next question is – how can you turn those low hanging fruit in to sales?

There are of course many ways of doing it.  However, the way we do it very successfully is nurturing people.

We have developed a system

Below is the secret insight into the system that we use and we encourage our clients to use:

  1. The first step is to write a blog post. Your clients have problems that you solve and you want to write a blog post about the problems that they have that you solve.  For example, we solve the problem called a lack of Leads.  We also solve a problem of not understanding digital marketing and we solve a problem called not winning business on LinkedIn.  So now that we know what is problem is, we can write blog posts based on one of those problems. So, my question to you is – what are the problems that your clients have that you solve? Once you know that, then the next step is to write a blog post about the problem and how you solve it.
  2. Step two is to write an email post, tweet and a post directing people to your blog post from your email list, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and any other social media sites that you may use. This post should of course contain a link back to your valuable blog information.
  3. Step three is to create a video based on your blog.  Some people would rather watch a video where you explain something and others would rather read about it and some would rather listen to it in the car or at the gym whilst they exercise and so it is essential to allow people to view your valuable information in whatever format they prefer.
  4. The next step is simply to upload this video to YouTube.
  5. Step five is to add your YouTube video to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other social media sites you use and then to send it out to your list via email and lastly to add it to your blog post.
  6. Lastly, and step six – you’re going to take your YouTube video and export the words onto a podcast. This is a really simple process whereby you play the video and record it using your phone onto your podcast. We use a PodCast service called

And that’s the system we use in our business.

Fairly simple isn’t it? Does it work? Absolutely! Does it take time? Yes. Does it win new business?  Definitely yes.

However, producing videos on blog posts and posting on social media and hoping people will call you, is not the best way of winning business.

Some people will call, but not all your low hanging fruit will do so.

The real key to success is that you have now warmed them up.  At some level they now trust you, your business and your services or products and so all you’ve got to do now is to call the people that already know you.  This means you don’t have to cold call anybody ever again.  You are calling people who are already bought into you and the problems that you solve. In effect, you are seen in their eyes as a key person/business of influence and the obvious choice when they need your help.

Watch this video to learn even more about how to position yourself, your business and your products there as the obvious choice for people looking at your skills and services.

If you have any form of reasonable sized sale then it may take you a little while to build a relationship with a client to a level where they know, like and trust you, your products and your business.

Jo Woodgate-Brown thinks…

Jo Woodgate-Brown of Vapour-mist has attended several of Steve’s events.  She spent 12months on one of Steve’s programmes and recently attended the LeadGen Conference.

She said…

“Steve mills is a very knowledgeable man. His courses are extremely helpful, informative and easy to follow and implement. Would highly recommend Steve to anyone wanting to grow their business”.