How to create website traffic on LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn, but not winning business from it?

Then one of the things that you need to learn to do is to create traffic on LinkedIn.  In other words – How to get thousands of people to go to your website each month from LinkedIn both for free and using LinkedIn’s paid for marketing services.

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LinkedIn LeadGen Conference

5th December 2018 is the date for The LinkedIn LeadGen event? 

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This is not just another seminar that I am promoting this is THE EVENT of 2018 and I really want you to attend.

Your first step is to pre-register to the event.  To do this you need to fill in your details by clicking this big orange button.  Once you have done so, then you will be on the VIP list.  

Get on the VIP upgrade list for free and you will get:

  1. Priority booking, so you can book your seat before the event goes on general sale.
  2. A post event RESULTS Discovery day with me and a maximum of five other people.  During the day I will focus on helping you to grow your business by helping you to create and convert more leads into sales.  This normally costs £500.
  3. Access to my LinkedIn online programme so you can access all the strategies you need to grow your business 24/7.  This is a great reminder from the day of exactly what you need to do and it normally costs £99.
  4. Access to my online RESULTS Club training, for 3 months, with over 150 sales and marketing training videos.
  5. A copy of my book LinkedIn 2.0.
  6. Networking lunch.
  7. A VIP seat at the front of the room.
  8. Access to my sales and marketing vault containing all my reports, sales letters, emails, ebooks, checklists and proven scripts to grow your business.  All you need to do it to adapt them for your business.

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Well, as you probably know all this is HAPPENING ON Wednesday 5th DECEMBER:

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The first 25 registrations will get a FREE UPGRADE to VIP (worth an additional £300) and they will sell out FAST!

So get your name on the priority list and keep an eye on your inbox on Monday.

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How to win £100,000+ in new business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Marketing Workshop

Are you signed up as a member of LinkedIn, but not winning any business?

If so, you are like many businesses that I meet and so I have decided to run another full day action-packed, LinkedIn Workshop. For details regarding why attending should be a MUST for you click here to watch a short video.

The day will provide delegates with all they need to grow their business using Social Media and will include training in:

      1. How to create an outstanding first impression
      2. How to grow your crowd of people
      3. Getting people to know you, like you and trust you
      4. Driving traffic to your website
      5. The paid for services
      6. Using software
      7. Turning all this good work into sales.

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Event Update

Marketing Training

I have the following events coming up over the next month

RESULTS workshop

Wednesday 22nd November

8am to 11am

Our offices in Sherborne St John

Book here

RESULTS Workshop (London Chamber of Commerce)

Wednesday 29th November

8am to 10am

Crowne Plaza London – Battersea, Bridges Wharf, Battersea, London SW11 3BE, UK

Book direct with chamber

LinkedIn Workshop

Thursday 7th December 2017

9am to 1pm

Our offices in Sherborne St John

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Private Practice

What is the ‘best’ growth strategy for your business?

I’m talking about a tried and tested strategy that has proven itself again and again.

World leading marketing expert Jay Abraham, who’s responsible for a documented $6 BILLION in increased sales for his clients,  says that joining a MASTERMIND Group is STILL his number one preference when it comes to ‘expanding growth.’ 

Let’s face it, every single major breakthrough I have made and probably everyone that you have ever made in business has come as a result of an idea sparked in you… by someone else.

We all know that our income is the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Our network is your net worth.  We also know that if you get around a group of inspired, focused, fast growing business owners they’ll rub off on you too, and you will be inspired and more focused to achieve greater things.

The key question is how are you going to do it? 

Are you going to join a Networking Group or the Golf Club?  Are you consistently seeking out new relationships with other business owners? Is it time to elevate your peer group and play at a higher level?

My Private Practice is an exclusive group of business owners who are focused on working with me to grow their businesses. Capped at just 10 business owners, the programme has several spaces currently available and further details can be found by clicking here.