How to become more successful

In this podcast I talk about success in business and I discuss why most businesses are not successful.

In fact, 80% of all small businesses who start this year will no longer be trading within five yes. What’s worse than that is that of the remaining 20% a full 90% of those will have closed their doors within the next five years. So if the first five don’t get you, then the second five probably will.

I’ve been in business for 25 years and so I must be doing something right.

However, more than that, I’ve spent the last 25 years studying business and learning from many of the worlds leading business experts and advisors and in this podcast I’m going to explain my thoughts regarding why businesses do not succeed at least not to the level that the owner of the business would like, or to the true potential of the business.

So, sit-back, relax and draw your own conclusions and let me share with you my thoughts on how you can become more successful.

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Every type of marketing works

Marketing Works – And every type of marketing does not work.  To understand what I mean listen to my Podcast: Listen to “RESULTS Club” on Spreaker.



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Here’s a sneak peak!

What are the benefits?

As a member you would benefit by:

  1. Increased turnover, profit, cash and quality of life
  2. Working on a path towards 10Xing your business (for example – going from £100,000 to £1,000,000)
  3. Increasing the number of leads that you create
  4. Improvement in your sales conversion rate
  5. An overall improvement in each of your marketing streams
  6. Implementation of a marketing plan
  7. More traffic visiting your website
  8. Development of your database
  9. Using the very latest marketing ideas before your competitors even realise the ideas are available.
  10. Improvement in your websites conversion rate
  11. Automation of your marketing.


There is no tie-in to the RESULTS Club, but you should consider it an on-going investment in you and your team. The club was designed to help you to 10X your business RESULTS not over night, but rather over time.

What you will get…

  • Online access to our entire video training vault for you and your team
  • Live webinars with Steve Mills and other guests
  • Marketing planning software called Teamwork
  • Train yourself and your team wherever and whenever you want.
  • Monthly marketing white papers – providing in-depth reports on subjects like Facebook, LinkedIn Marketing, e-mail Marketing, getting and converting traffic
  • Proven sales letters, scripts and other materials
  • Monthly Sales and Marketing Audits (these are in the form of checklists)
  • A certificate of membership.

Sales tips – The 3 outcomes of every sales meeting

There are three outcomes from every sales meeting and they are:

  1. The prospect says yes
  2. The prospect says no
  3. The prospect makes an excuse for not making a decision

In this Podcast I discuss how you can reduce, or eliminate the number of times that people make an excuse like – “I want to think about it”, I need to speak to _______”, or I am not sure”.  In truth what they are really saying is – I don’t want to say no and so you spend the next three weeks trying to speak to them again and they won’t take your calls and they don’t return your emails.

Watch this video and learn how to avoid the fatal NO.3.

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Numbers are the currency of business

There’s an old saying that the numbers are the currency of business

If that is true, then the questionnaire is which numbers or which numbers are the most important numbers to know?

Clearly, there are financial numbers that most business owners know. Numbers like the income and their turnover.

Then, there are the operational numbers like the number of satisfied customers, the time it takes to make something, or the number of hours the business owner works in a week.

Then, there are the sales and marketing numbers. These are the numbers really affect the growth of your business. Numbers like the number of enquiries that you get and where those enquiries come from. Numbers, like the number of people that visit your website and the number of contacts that you’ve got on LinkedIn. All these numbers are going to affect your business not necessarily today, but one day.

So, the question is – what are the two groups of numbers that you must know in order to grow your business?

In this podcast, I reveal those numbers and give you some ideas regarding the types of numbers you should be measuring and how to use these numbers as ‘key performance indicators’ in your business.

So, go ahead and have a listen and if you need more help from me to improve your numbers then simply call (01256) 242272 and I’ll be glad to hear from you. Listen to “Raise your Game” on Spreaker.

How to pay 10 X more Tax

I think that ‘How to pay 10 X more Tax’ is one of the best podcasts that I’ve ever done. In it I go on a bit of a ‘rant‘ about small business and some of the problems that I’ve seen for over 25 years. Paying more tax is something that we all want to do!  I’d love to be paying 10 times, or even 100 times more tax than I am right now and the reason for that is obvious.  It’s because I would be making 10 times, or 100 times more profit in my business. So sit back, relax and listen to me ranting on about how you as a small business can pay 10 times more tax because you’re making 10 times more profit in your business. Go on then, have a listen, take action and let me know what you think. Please feel free to share this with other people on social media.


Listen to “How to pay 10 times more tax?” on Spreaker.