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“It’s not that you are doing the wrong marketing.  It’s far more likely that you are doing the right marketing in the wrong way”.

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Don’t take our word for it – Look what our clients say…

“Cascade Event Management’s turnover hit £492,000 last year (up from £290,000 last year)

And I’m sure a significant part of that is down to the time I spent with you, Steve. What did Steve do to help? – He helped us to release the full potential hidden within our business – Cascade can verify that Steve’s techniques have made a fundamental difference to our business. With cutting edge online marketing techniques, Steve can unlock the sales and growth potential within your business. Your return on investment should make the decision to employ Steve a total no brainer!”

We made £42,000,000 from the RESULTS Programme

I attended one of Steve’s RESULTS Workshops.  It was all about LinkedIn.  We made £42,000,000 (yes million) as a result of attending.  Not a bad ROI!

Our Accountancy Practice increased leads from an average of 23 to 75 per month within 3 months of being on the RESULTS Programme

Palfrey Murphy Accountants are a leading firm of Accountants based in Cork in Ireland.  They signed up to The Results Programme in May 2019.  In August 2019 they got 75 leads into their business.  Over the previous 12 months, they had averaged 23 per month.  Not a bad start!  This is what Director Seamus Palfrey had to say…  “We have been on Steve’s Results Programme for just 3 months now and in that brief time, we have seen our average number of monthly leads increase by a whopping 64.7%. We are enthused by the results and the advice/support that Steve provides. Follow the process and you WILL GET GREAT RESULTS.”

Toga Sports have massively increased their sales and traffic to the website has more than doubled

I have now been on three of Steve’s training courses. Marketing without money, LinkedIn and Social Media Mastery.

On each of the courses, Steve has been extremely knowledgeable in the areas and has given me some brilliant advice that has been invaluable to the Toga Sports, and has massively increased our sales and traffic to our website using social media.

I would recommend Steve’s RESULTS training programme for everyone who wants to improve their business.

Calibra Tree Surgeons turnover has increased massively. I would recommend Steve and The RESULTS Programme to everybody

Steve has been working with us for a few years, his expert knowledge in Sales and Marketing has helped us out immensely. Our turnover has increased massively. I would recommend Steve to everybody. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know any more about this marvellous chap….. Jo Brown and Mark Grubb, Calibra Tree Surgeons

Our Services

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RESULTS Programme

The RESULTS programme – For businesses who want to get better Sales & Marketing RESULTS.

On this programme you are going to learn exactly how to…

  1. Improve your Sales & Marketing RESULTS
  2. Create more high quality, better-converting leads
  3. Turn more of these leads into sales
  4. Make more profit in your business
  5. Have more cash for you and your family
  6. Reduce the money you waste on marketing
  7. And I am going to show you exactly how to do it.

Most clients make far more in increased sales than the programme costs.

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marketing training

Marketing Agency

Don’t have the time to do your own marketing?  Or maybe you simply ‘don’t get’ digital marketing.

Why not outsource it to our Marketing Agency Team and we can help you to get better RESULTS, while you focus on what you are great at?

We can…

  1. Build you a website
  2. Write copy
  3. Design
  4. Do your social media marketing
  5. Train your team in sales and marketing
  6. In fact, you can outsource the whole of your marketing if you wish

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Business Mastery

Professional Business Growth Speaker

“Professional Business Growth Speaker/Trainer”

Hire Steve as a Professional Business Growth Speaker or Trainer.

He speaks regularly at exhibitions, conferences, events, and seminars all over the world and runs in-house workshops on Sales, and Marketing.

His talks include:

  • Creating geometric growth
  • Selling on the phone
  • Closing the sale
  • Using LinkedIn to grow your business
  • A Salesforce of 1,000’s
  • “Raving Fans” (a talk about delivering truly outstanding client service)

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Mistake No.1 – You can’t manage what you do not…
Mistake No.2 – Not Raising your Game
Mistake No.3 – Not developing your crowd

What Our Clients are Saying

Dont just take our word

What Steve Hyland of Business Connections Live

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Lion Cleaning Services – Julie – Business Development Manager

What Lion Cleaning said about our RESULTS Training…

I attended a fabulous workshop with Steve yesterday, all about measuring and getting the RESULTS that you want.

I got tons of great information, ideas and proven processes that I have already started to put into action.

I came away once again, very motivated and excited going forward. And the best bit? This 2 hour workshop was FREE! There were even people on a webinar – so perfect wherever you are!

Thanks again Steve.