Podcast – How to turn your expertise into online income for your business

If you run a business which provides a service that you are an expert in, then you are probably spending most of your time, money and effort exchanging time for money.

you may be a:

  • Lawyer
  • Consultant
  • Landscape gardener
  • Trainer
  • Personal fitness advisor
  • Coach
  • Etc.

You are probably paid an hourly rate for your services and every hour you spend you get paid £x for.

However, the problem with this business model is that there are only so many hours and therefore only so much money.  If you want to take your Business to the next level and start to win new sales online without exchanging time for money, in fact without doing anything on a per hour basis, then you need to listen to this short Podcast.

Go on then have a listen…

Listen to “Turning your skills and knowledge into an online business.” on Spreaker. 

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