How GDPR can boost your on-line Marketing

How GDPR can boost your on-line Marketing

GDPR has been the subject of a lot of fear, publicity, hype and to be honest – bad advice for far too long. Businesses have spent a fortune in time, money and effort getting “ready for GDPR”. Often they have done things that they did not need to do and not done things that they should have done and often this is due to many so called experts not really understanding the regulations.

As far as marketing is concerned GDPR is important, but so many businesses have not understood what they have to do in terms of marketing and so they are either ignoring GDPR, or they are so concerned about it that it is effecting their marketing, sales and the profitability of the business.

This being the case I have recently got together with Linda Bazant. Linda is an Lawyer who specialises in GDPR. She is a real expert on the subject and we are working together with Steve Hyland from Business Connections Live to run a fantastic Workshop Called…

‘GDPR And Your Marketing’

The workshop will be divided into four sections:

9am – Networking

9.30am – How to 10X Your Business, Your Marketing and Your Sales – By Steve Mills

10.30am – Networking Break

11am – GDPR and your Marketing – By Linda Bazant

12noon – Using Video to Market Your Business – By Steve Hyland

10X Your Busines will include:

  • How to 10X your RESULTS
  • Why not knowing your numbers you are losing a fortune in lots leads and sales
  • Why your website is not just about traffic
  • The true cost of sales and marketing
  • Your referral marketing plan (the best form of marketing on the plannet)

GDPR and your Marketing will include:

  • What you need to do with regard to your marketing
  • What you don’t need to do
  • The implications of getting it wrong

Using Video to Market Your Business will include:

  • The future of video
  • Using technology
  • How to present well on video
  • Why using video in your marketing is a must and not a should do one day

The workshop will finish at 1pm and we intend to find the bar and continue networking and maybe even have lunch with a glass of wine.


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