We don’t do any marketing…

People proudly tell me…

And they should be proud because to me this means that they are doing a great job. They clearly wouldn’t get so many leads if they weren’t very good at what they do and being good at what they do is creating word-of-mouth referrals. However, these companies are missing out on a significant amount of additional leads, sales and new business.

The reason for this is that they are simply not utilising the success strategies employed by every leading business and business person. In other words, building a business based on multiple streams of income.  This means building a business that as multiple marketing strategies that are tried and tested and proven to work in the real world.

My strong advice to anybody who is building the business purely based on referral is to do two things.

No.1 – is the make sure that you are maximising your return on investment from referral, or word-of-mouth

No.2 – is to build additional streams of income that also create a positive return on investment.

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