I don’t have the time to market my business…

One of the problems I often see in business start-ups is getting over the first hurdle of hitting the £100,000 in turnover!

These people often say I don’t have the time to market my business, or to make sales calls and this is a bit like saying – I don’t have the time to create more sales and to become incredibly wealthy.  I will just stay as I am, because I am too business watching TV, or doing the dishes, or working operationally in my business.

And this is what may be killing your business and indeed most of the businesses that I see who have been running for over a year, but have not yet jumped over the £100,000 turnover hurdle!

So what is the solution to the lack of time solution?

The old saying – “There is always a way’ if you are committed” comes to mind, but other than that I would say that you need to do three things:

  1. Make a list of everything you do and where your time is spent
  2. Device that list into 3 columns called £10 tasks, £100 tasks and £1,000 tasks
  3. Step 3 is working out how to get rid, or to delegate the £10 tasks, so you can spend more time doing the valuable work that you should be doing as the owner of your small business.

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