Case Study – Demand Logic

Gilbert Lennox-King of Demand Logic met up with Steve in August.  Gilbert said, “I have been given a remit by my fellow Directors to increase sales.” My aim is to increase the company’s lead generation from 15 to 30 leads per month and so work toward doubling the size of the business. (Double your leads and you double your turnover).

Having decided he needed independent help and advice, he joined our ‘RESULTS Accelerator Programme”

Members benefit from a monthly group meeting plus weekly telephone, online, or in office meetings with me.

Gilbert joined on 1st September 2017 and, shortly thereafter, we had our first one-to-one meeting.

Initial Marketing Advice

As usual, I started by asking Gilbert what he was currently doing and how well it was working. We discussed some really ‘quick wins’ and ideas to improve:

1. The amount of business the company generated from current clients

2. The number of referrals they were getting

3. Online marketing results.

We met twice in those first two weeks. The group meeting followed, on the 26th September.

At the start of each group meeting, each member gets the chance to stand up and clearly state what actions that they have recently taken and what results were achieved.

When it came to Gilbert’s turn he announced:

“We joined Steve’s group on 1st September with the aim of getting help to increase our lead generation from 15 to 30 leads per month. However, we have increased our leads from fifteen to forty-five per month within 3 weeks of working with Steve.

Not a bad 3 weeks!

Gilbert and his team will continue to rake in those easy sales every month forever, at no cost, so long as they keep taking action.

In the near future, we are going to look at.

  1. Focusing in on the best and most profitable targets
  2. LinkedIn PPC Advertising
  3. Email marketing
  4. LinkedIn and socialmedia

How can you benefit?

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