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Where to get your Business Growth Advice in Hampshire by Steve Mills

So, where can you find the best business growth advice in Hampshire?

Or any county for that matter!

  • From your accountant?
  • From your bank manager?
  • What about your family or friends?  (depends if you are friends with Richard Branson, I suppose)

The truth is; if your goal is to increase sales, and it should be, then you need to get your business advice from someone who is great at creating leads and converting leads into sales.  Someone who has been doing it for 25 years+ would be good.  Someone who is dedicated to helping small businesses would be great.  Someone who has made many millions of pounds for his clients would be fantastic and someone who can help a start up business get to £100,000 in six months would be out of this world.

With all respect to bank managers and accountants – Increasing sales is NOT their No.1 skill!

You probably know where this is going…

But seriously, I have spent over 25 years helping small businesses to increase sales.  I have worked with thousands of businesses and I have helped some of them to make millions of additional pounds and sales.  Others have not been that successful and have only make £100,000’s and some have made very little.  Do you know the difference?  Why some do well and others don’t?

Here are my top 7 reasons why businesses succeed based on my 25 years of experience working in thousands of businesses, in hundreds of industries and helping businesses to make millions of pounds:

Businesses succeed because:

  1. They know exactly what they want and when they want it by.  In other words, they are focussed on increasing sales, so they know up front if they are getting closer to their goals.  For example – Let’s say your aim is to turnover £100,000 in the next 12 months and your average unit of sale is £1,000.  You can easily work out that you need to make 100 sales £1,000 x 100 = £100,000.  Divide that by 50 weeks (you only get two off if you run your own business) and even though I am not an accountant, I can work out that I need to make 2 sales per week.  Therefore, by knowing what I want, I can tell at the end of week No.1 if I am on target, or not!
  2. They take ‘massive action’.  Not a little bit!  Posting once per week on LinkedIn and sending out a quarterly newsletter is going to get you no where fast
  3. They measure their sales and marketing results and 98% of small business owners have no clue where their leads are coming from, or what their conversion rates are
  4. They are constantly and consistently working on how they can improve their results.  Just like a top sportsman or woman
  5. They are driven by systems.  So the business is dependant on systems and not people.  In other words – They have a system for everything and they teach people the systems that they need to know and then they work out how to improve the system
  6. They get advice from people who are experts in their field.
  7. They are dedicated to learning more about being better at sales and marketing.  They do not say things like – I don’t understand LinkedIn, or digital marketing, or I am not a sales person.  Why?  Because every day you say that, you are losing a small fortune on lost leads and sales.

So what should you do now?

If you have got this far then I know you are at least searching for a solution, so firstly, congratulations!  What I recommend you do now is to click on the link below.  It will take you to my online diary.  There you can book a no obligation Strategy Meeting with me either on the phone, online, or in our offices.  The choice is yours.  During the meeting I will ask you some questions about your business and then at the end if we both feel there is a fit, I will tell you how I can help you and you can make a decision whether you want to be part of it or not.  Sound fair enough?

Take your first action and click here

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