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Making your business OUTSTANDING

Let’s face it, times are still tough and there is a lot of uncertainty around.  Are we going to stay in Europe, or are we going to pull out? What will the implications be for small businesses like yours and mine?

As far as small businesses are concerned this uncertainty is obviously not good news and many are already starting to suffer.  

However, the key questions for small business is not are we, or are we not.

The question is how can small businesses hold on to their market share and even improve in order to maintain their current turnover and profitability?

Often the ‘knee jerk’ answer for many business owners is to ‘cut back’ and so they cut back and cut back until there is nothing left.  Cutting back for most businesses spells disaster! Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that a business should continue to waste money, far from it.  

Conducting a cost analysis exercise on a monthly basis is a very useful exercise.

At The Prudent Marketer we have a different approach and we are helping our clients do the same!  We call it becoming ‘Outstanding’. We don’t mean that we have the best, most expensive brochure, advertising or offices.  

We turn the word ‘outstanding’ round and work out how we can ‘stand out’.  We have been asking ourselves a very simple question.

What can we do in ________________ that no one else does?  In other words, what can we do in:

        • our customer service
        • the way we recruit people
        • the way we train our team
        • the way we market our business
        • the sales training we provide
        • the way our offices look
        • the way we network
        • the financial information we have available
        • the way we plan our business and the service we provide to our client.

As the Managing Director of a small business myself I believe that businesses should take a look at themselves and work out what they can do to become different, better, faster, more caring, better at selling and marketing and more than anything else ‘better at keeping and looking after their own customer base.

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