Time and distance travelled compound the error!

What do I mean?  Do you play Table Tennis?  

I used to play at International Level and on my day I could beat many of the world’s best players.  

These days I sometimes hit the ball not quite perfectly.  When the ball has travelled a few feet from my bat it is only just off target. But after it has travelled to the other side of the net it has missed the table sometimes only by millimeters. 

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make slight adjustments to the ball as it travels through the air in order to nudge it back on track?

So how does this affect your sales and marketing?

Well knowing what is working and what is not enables you to nudge your ‘sales and marketing ball’ back on track. 

For example, let’s say you receive 100 enquiries. You convert 50% into meetings, of those meetings you send out 40 proposals.  Of those proposals, you win 50%. This equates to 20 sales at £2,000 per sale = £40,000.  

What would happen if you had someone to nudge you back on track?  Let’s say you tested the headlines you used in your marketing and you managed to increase your leads from 100 to 110.  

Then through some sales training and developing a better sales system, instead of converting 50% into meetings you converted 55% = 60.5 meetings.

Also because of the training you receive, instead of sending out 40 proposals you manage to increase this to 50.  Then, instead of converting 50% of your proposals into business, you become better at handling price objections and you start converting 60%.

This would create 30 sales instead of 20 and £60,000, instead of £40,000.  Now let’s compound this throughout your business.

How would an increase in sales of 50% in your turnover sound to you right now?  All without risking a penny on an untested marketing idea.

Mmmm!  Something to think about!

The question to ask to help you to grow your business is a very simple one.  How can we make our business better….?  Want to get some ideas or answers to improve your sales and marketing?  Take the first step and book a strategy meeting with me Steve Mills by clicking this link.

Many thanks,

Steve Mills


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