Yesterday was Monday and most people hate Mondays…

Yesterday was Monday and most people hate Mondays. Monday for most people is the worst day of the week, closely followed by Tuesday and then it’s Wednesday.  Only two more dreadful days to go!  Wednesday is followed by Thursday (nearly there).  Ahhh – TGI Friday.  We can take it easy and get ready for the weekend.  You just spent another week in a job you hate and then you got home in the evening and spent 3 hours watching crap on TV and listening to people on Eastenders who hate each other.

Can you imagine living a life where you spent 5 days per week wishing it was the other 2 days and then when those two days arrive, people do things to their mind and body that means that they can’t even remember what they did anyway.

Why do people live like this?  Do you know why?

Because their life sucks. If you hate Mondays, it’s a sign you should change what you’re doing. Life is too short to do things that you don’t like doing.

As my good friend Peter Thomson says “TGI Monday” – Thank God it’s Monday, so I can go to work in the business that I love!

Anyway… Here are some results a good friend of mine ‘Tim Solway’ got on his first Monday working with me.  Click here to find out what he did.

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