My take on the current financial situation we all find ourselves in…

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What are you going to do about this current financial situation?

I fully understand the need to cut back, but cutting back on marketing when times get tough is the opposite of what you should be doing. 
In my opinion, businesses in the helping industry should be marketing an online seminar for your clients in order to help them to survive in these tough times.  Or, adding a blog post to your new website with 10 ways to survive this crisis and then using social media to drive traffic to the blog.  Or perhaps, doing a video and adding it to the blog and then using email and send it out to all your clients providing them with 7 ways to reduce costs.  Or at least writing a checklist of the actions your clients and prospects need to take in order to survive.

We are now in a current financial situation where businesses need to market to survive, not thrive!

I am going to double my marketing just to survive this current financial situation and then when this ends and it will, I will be in a far stronger position in my market.
In the next few months people are going to be at home.  They are going to be board.  They are going to do 3 things:
  1. Watch more TV
  2. Search and use social media far more
  3. Spend far more time online
Now is the time to provide them with good quality content so that when the end of this current financial situation is in sight, we are all in a better position.
That is my take on it.