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Everything counts

My old boss, friend and mentor Colin Deaton used to say ‘You must never miss a trick’

It’s not that you need to trick anyone, but you need to make sure that you are maximising the true potential of everything that you do.  Whether that is in sport, time, business, sales, etc.

In business, everything counts.  Every little thing your business does will make or break your business and its sales success including:

  • The look of your offices
  • The look of your team
  • Your business card
  • Your website
  • The way people are greeted when they walk in your door, or they call you
  • The way you deal with them on a daily basis
  • The words you speak
  • The words you write
  • The videos that you produce
  • The list goes on and on…

The only question is – How good are you?  Are you poor?  Average? (the same as everyone else)  Really good and in the top 10%?  or Are you truly world class?

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Business growth advice Hampshire

Where to get your Business Growth Advice in Hampshire by Steve Mills

So, where can you find the best business growth advice in Hampshire?

Or any county for that matter!

  • From your accountant?
  • From your bank manager?
  • What about your family or friends?  (depends if you are friends with Richard Branson, I suppose)

The truth is; if your goal is to increase sales, and it should be, then you need to get your business advice from someone who is great at creating leads and converting leads into sales.  Someone who has been doing it for 25 years+ would be good.  Someone who is dedicated to helping small businesses would be great.  Someone who has made many millions of pounds for his clients would be fantastic and someone who can help a start up business get to £100,000 in six months would be out of this world.

With all respect to bank managers and accountants – Increasing sales is NOT their No.1 skill!

You probably know where this is going…

But seriously, I have spent over 25 years helping small businesses to increase sales.  I have worked with thousands of businesses and I have helped some of them to make millions of additional pounds and sales.  Others have not been that successful and have only make £100,000’s and some have made very little.  Do you know the difference?  Why some do well and others don’t?

Here are my top 7 reasons why businesses succeed based on my 25 years of experience working in thousands of businesses, in hundreds of industries and helping businesses to make millions of pounds:

Businesses succeed because:

  1. They know exactly what they want and when they want it by.  In other words, they are focussed on increasing sales, so they know up front if they are getting closer to their goals.  For example – Let’s say your aim is to turnover £100,000 in the next 12 months and your average unit of sale is £1,000.  You can easily work out that you need to make 100 sales £1,000 x 100 = £100,000.  Divide that by 50 weeks (you only get two off if you run your own business) and even though I am not an accountant, I can work out that I need to make 2 sales per week.  Therefore, by knowing what I want, I can tell at the end of week No.1 if I am on target, or not!
  2. They take ‘massive action’.  Not a little bit!  Posting once per week on LinkedIn and sending out a quarterly newsletter is going to get you no where fast
  3. They measure their sales and marketing results and 98% of small business owners have no clue where their leads are coming from, or what their conversion rates are
  4. They are constantly and consistently working on how they can improve their results.  Just like a top sportsman or woman
  5. They are driven by systems.  So the business is dependant on systems and not people.  In other words – They have a system for everything and they teach people the systems that they need to know and then they work out how to improve the system
  6. They get advice from people who are experts in their field.
  7. They are dedicated to learning more about being better at sales and marketing.  They do not say things like – I don’t understand LinkedIn, or digital marketing, or I am not a sales person.  Why?  Because every day you say that, you are losing a small fortune on lost leads and sales.

So what should you do now?

If you have got this far then I know you are at least searching for a solution, so firstly, congratulations!  What I recommend you do now is to click on the link below.  It will take you to my online diary.  There you can book a no obligation Strategy Meeting with me either on the phone, online, or in our offices.  The choice is yours.  During the meeting I will ask you some questions about your business and then at the end if we both feel there is a fit, I will tell you how I can help you and you can make a decision whether you want to be part of it or not.  Sound fair enough?

Take your first action and click here

Business advice for small businesses – Stop thinking and start doing

Please don’t take this literally.  Of course you need to do some thinking about your business and your sales and marketing, but there becomes a time to stop thinking and take action and action is the missing ingredient in most businesses success.

In fact it’s not that they don’t take action at all.  It’s more often the case that they take a little bit of action and so get poor results.  Now is the time to take massive action!  Your first action should be to watch this Podcast.

Listen to “Steve Mills podcast Episode 75 – RESULTS stop thinking and start doing” on Spreaker.

Steve Mills on Business Connections Live was asked – Is it really possible to get to £100,000 in six months or less?

In my recent interview on Business Connections Live TV, Steve Hyland asked me – Is it really possible to go from start up to £100,000 in six months or less.

Learn my thoughts by listening to my Podcast now!

Listen to “Steve Mills podcast Episode 73 – RESULTS – is it really possible” on Spreaker.

Steve Live on Business Connections Live

I am looking forward to being a guest again today on Business Connections Live.

I am going to be talking about – How To Increase Sales to £100,000 in six months or less.

The programme is for business owners who are either a startup or who have been in business for a few years but have still not broken the £100,000 barrier and who want to scale their business with predictable business advice, business systems, automation, digital marketing, PPC ads, marketing without money strategies and more of EVERYTHING THAT IS REQUIRED TO INCREASE SALES TO OVER £100K.

Here is a link to my background:

How To Increase Sales to £100,000 BCL253

Business advice for start up businesses

The 4-Minute Mile used to be considered a barrier, with many people stating that it could be done.

It simply is not possible for a human  being to run a mile in less than a minute.

Until Roger Bannister did it in 1954, that was the biggest imaginary block in the 20th century.  Right now the same is true of the sub 2 hour marathon.  People say it can’t be done.


Is there a bigger financial block that you have?

Are you ready to break the 100K a year barrier?

If you’re ready to break through this barrier, then I want to help you to do so.

It’s only February—there’s still time for you to make this your first 6-figure year.

Take the first 2 steps to £100,000, and you need to make taking them a priority, if you’re serious about breaking your personal financial barriers.

Step No.1. Book yourself on to my free ‘Getting to £100,000 webinar‘.  Here is the link.

Step No.2.  Book a one hour 1-2-1 meeting with me either in my office, or online.  Book your meeting here

These will be your first steps designed to help you sell more products and services, market to a growing audience, and grow a profitable £100,000+ business.

Take a leap of faith.

What’s the worse that could happen?  You waste a couple of hours.  What’s the best that could happen?  You break through the £100,000 barrier this year and onwards and upwards next year.

Case Study – Demand Logic

Gilbert Lennox-King of Demand Logic met up with Steve in August.  Gilbert said, “I have been given a remit by my fellow Directors to increase sales.” My aim is to increase the company’s lead generation from 15 to 30 leads per month and so work toward doubling the size of the business. (Double your leads and you double your turnover).

Having decided he needed independent help and advice, he joined our ‘RESULTS Accelerator Programme”

Members benefit from a monthly group meeting plus weekly telephone, online, or in office meetings with me.

Gilbert joined on 1st September 2017 and, shortly thereafter, we had our first one-to-one meeting.

Initial Marketing Advice

As usual, I started by asking Gilbert what he was currently doing and how well it was working. We discussed some really ‘quick wins’ and ideas to improve:

1. The amount of business the company generated from current clients

2. The number of referrals they were getting

3. Online marketing results.

We met twice in those first two weeks. The group meeting followed, on the 26th September.

At the start of each group meeting, each member gets the chance to stand up and clearly state what actions that they have recently taken and what results were achieved.

When it came to Gilbert’s turn he announced:

“We joined Steve’s group on 1st September with the aim of getting help to increase our lead generation from 15 to 30 leads per month. However, we have increased our leads from fifteen to forty-five per month within 3 weeks of working with Steve.

Not a bad 3 weeks!

Gilbert and his team will continue to rake in those easy sales every month forever, at no cost, so long as they keep taking action.

In the near future, we are going to look at.

  1. Focusing in on the best and most profitable targets
  2. LinkedIn PPC Advertising
  3. Email marketing
  4. LinkedIn and socialmedia

How can you benefit?

Want to join the select group of business owners reaping the rewards of the Private Practice Group? Call me now on 01256 242 272.

The 3 reasons for hiring a consultant

A consultant is someone who helps you to go from where you are to where you want to be…

There are only 3 reasons that you should hire a consultant/coach/adviser.

They are:

  1. If you do not have the skills, or time to get where you want to go on your own
  2. You want to get there faster
  3. You want a proven system, map, or advise from someone who has done it.

Any of these apply to you?  If so, call me.