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When I walk into a room…

When I walk into a room at a conference I am speaking at, I ask the audience – Who is on LinkedIn?  If there are a 1,000 people in the room, I get 1,000 hands in the air.

I then ask – Who wins business on LinkedIn?  I normally get less than 30 hands in the air.

I then ask – Who uses LinkedIn every day and who considers themselves to be active on LinkedIn?   The same 30 people put their hands up and here lies the lesson!

LinkedIn is very simple – If you use it, you make money and if you don’t you won’t.

So, the only question’s are:

1. Are you going to use it?

2. Do you know how?

In my extensive experience on LinkedIn, the people who don’t use it, either don’t have the time, or don’t really understand LinkedIn, or sometimes it’s both!  There is also a lot of truth in the statement ‘I don’t know, what I don’t know’.

“We make over £100,000 per year on LinkedIn and some of our larger clients have made millions of pounds”.

Here is where we come in:

1. We can do it for you using our proven 6 step LinkedIn system.

2. You can train yourself and your team in what to do using our online training programme for a one-off fee of £299, which is currently discounted to £99

3. You can attend my one day workshop in Portsmouth on 5th November

4. We can run an in-house workshop for your company.

Give me a call if you want to take action.

Staying Alive UK – Michael De-Groot Interviews Steve Mills

In this interview Michael De-Groot asks Steve not only about marketing, but also about his life.  His childhood growing up in Sheffield.  How he became an international Table Tennis player and how he transformed into a successful business man, marketing and sales expert and how he helps other people to do the same thing.

Here is the link to linten to the interview –

How to turn more leads into meetings

In this blog post, I will discuss – how to turn more leads into meetings?  

As you know I have dedicated my life to sales and marketing.  I have spent £1,000’s and over 10,000 hours on my own education and learning from people who I consider to be the best in the world.

I then take what I have learned and teach it to the owners of small businesses, as online training and in my workshops and talks.

Well, on Thursday 26th September I am holding what I consider to be the most important workshop you will ever attend.  On this workshop, we’re going to go through the exact steps I use to convert 70% to 80% of my prospects into clients.

It’s called…


How to turn more meetings into sales

Should you attend?  Look at it this way…

1. How many leads that you get, do you turn into meetings?

2. How many of those meetings do you turn into sales?

Let’s say you get 10 leads and you turn those into 4 meetings and you turn 2 of your 4 meetings into a sale, with an average sale value of £5,000 = £10,000 for every 10 leads you get!

Now, imagine if you could become just 20% better at turning those leads into sales – let’s take a look at the numbers again!

10 leads with a 20% higher conversion rate = 6 out of 10 leads into meetings.  Let’s say you don’t improve your meeting conversion rates and so you still convert only 50% of your meetings into sales.  What have you just done?

You’ve got 6 meetings and 3 sales, with an average sale unit of £5,000 x 3 = £15,000 instead of £10,000.  

Or to put it another way – Over time you will grow your business by 50%by improving your lead to meeting conversion rate by 20%.  Does that make sense?

If it does, then you need to pay me £129 + VAT in order to attend my one-day workshop where I am going to show you exactly how you can do just that!  It’s a NO BRAINER!

Take action NOW and book your seat on my one-day workshop at our offices in Portsmouth on 26th September 2019.

To book your place just call me on 02392 985 954, or email me back ASAP.  We only have 10 places and they will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

For further details click here

Worried about BREXIT?

You may be one of the many business owners who are worried about Brexit and looking to protect your business by having a company already established in the EU if Brexit finally goes ahead.

Ireland is an option that is being increasingly used for many reasons.

Not least is that you may avail of the low 12.5% Corporation Tax rate.

My client Parfrey Murphy Chartered Accountants who are based in Ireland can help you to fully ensure that an Irish company will meet the strategic and tax purposes for which you require it.

They are very experienced in this area and have many UK clients with a company in Ireland.

If you would like to know more, then give either Seamus Parfrey or Noel Murphy a call today on 00353 21 431 0266 to explore how they can help you and tell them I referred you to get preferential treatment!

Or just send an email to and they will follow up on it without delay.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to you based on my dealings with them.

Here are their full details:

Parfrey Murphy Chartered Accountants and Business Growth Specialists
Lee View House, 12-13 South Terrace, Cork T12 T0CT, Ireland.

Tel: +353 (0)21 431 0266

I hope this helps you!

Improve your business results. Attend my RESULTS Webinar

Here are 5 ways to make more than £50,000 by attending my next webinar…

1. Grow and Scale Your Business

With business moving at lightning speed and going 24 hours a day online, you need to realise it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And the people winning the marathon are sprinting.

By attending the webinar, you’ll take the first step towards staying ahead of the competition using expert knowledge, experience and insights.

THIS IS EASILY WORTH £50,000 to you and it’s FREE – Book NOW

2. Create Multiple Flows of Income

In business, sales, relationships and fitness, you are either getting better or you’re getting worse (and yes, staying the same is getting worse). Uncover who and what is making you money and how to multiply it.

Multiple flows of income are the holy grail to wealth creation. This webinar will show you tools and methods to create your future flows.

THIS IS EASILY WORTH £50,000 to you – Book your seat now for FREE

3. Increase Sales and Margins

Increasing sales is at the heart of what we do because without sales there is no money and therefore dreams cannot be turned into reality.  The difference between success and failure is really the difference between selling and NOT selling.

This webinar will help you to take the first step to double your sales.

THIS IS EASILY WORTH £50,000 to you – Book now

4. Build a Real Business

The RESULTS Webinar isn’t about attending a one hour webinar and you’ll make £50,000.  It’s about showing you how to build your business. It’s about not staying small but expanding.

Building a pitch, promotion, prospecting, closing, follow-up—all the tools I use to build my businesses are taught at the RESULTS Webinar.

THIS IS EASILY WORTH £50,000 to you even as a start-up much more if you are an established business – Book now for FREE

5. Improve your selling skills

Create confidence in yourself and the system that you use to create leads, create more meetings as a result of those leads and turn more of those meetings into sales. And remember, people, buy from people they know, like and trust.

There’s no better place to be at 4.00pm on 4th September than on my webinar.  It will be the best use of 1 hour that you’ve spent this year.

You will be taking the first step to increasing your business leads, meetings and sales.


I want to tell you a story

I want to tell you a story.  It’s one I have heard many times.

A guy works at a Designer and says, “My boss isn’t smart. I design better than he can.  I am far more talented and skilled”.

So, he resigns and opens up his own design business!  He believes that because he is good at the work that the business does (ie design) he will be successful at running a business that does that work and nothing could be further from the truth.

The problem is, he thinks that being a good designer is the thing that will make his business successful.

The truth is that being good at designing won’t make him successful.  Rather, it is actually being good at SELLING design services that will keep his business from failing.

So, he goes out of business in 6 months.


Moral of the story:

You’re not in the business of whatever your product or service is, or does.

You are in the business of SELLING your product or service.

Of course, that doesn’t mean your product or service should be inferior from the competition—far from it.

You need to be the best in your industry at doing what you do.

But SELLING always needs to be your priority and it is where the money is.

You are in the business of SELLING your product or service.

And The RESULTS Accelerator Programme will help you do exactly that.

Go beyond merely doing OK in business and…


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Are you harvesting your ‘low hanging fruit’?

I thought that you would benefit from watching this short video called ‘Low Hanging Fruit’.

It’s all about the fact that nearly every business I have ever worked with has leads that they have not followed up on correctly, contacts that they are not keeping in touch with and opportunities that they are not taking advantage of.

Watch this video now and form a plan for harvesting your ‘low hanging fruit’.

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  • How you can improve what you are doing to generate and convert leads into sales

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