When I walk into a room…

When I walk into a room at a conference I am speaking at, I ask the audience – Who is on LinkedIn?  If there are 1,000 people in the room, I get 1,000 hands in the air.

I then ask – Who wins business on LinkedIn?  I normally get less than 30 hands in the air.

I then ask – Who uses LinkedIn every day and who considers themselves to be active on LinkedIn?   The same 30 people put their hands up and here lies the lesson!

LinkedIn is very simple – If you use it, you make money and if you don’t you won’t.

So, the only question’s are:

1. Are you going to use it?

2. Do you know how?

In my extensive experience on LinkedIn, the people who don’t use it, either don’t have the time, or don’t really understand LinkedIn, or sometimes it’s both!  There is also a lot of truth in the statement ‘I don’t know, what I don’t know’.

“We make over £100,000 per year on LinkedIn and some of our larger clients have made millions of pounds”.

Here is where we come in:

1. We can do it for you using our proven 6 step LinkedIn system.

2. You can train yourself and your team in what to do using our online training programme for a one-off fee of £299, which is currently discounted to £99

3. You can attend my one day workshop in Portsmouth on 5th November

4. We can run an in-house workshop for your company.

Give me a call if you want to take action.

Improve your business results. Attend my RESULTS Webinar

Here are 5 ways to make more than £50,000 by attending my next webinar…

1. Grow and Scale Your Business

With business moving at lightning speed and going 24 hours a day online, you need to realise it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And the people winning the marathon are sprinting.

By attending the webinar, you’ll take the first step towards staying ahead of the competition using expert knowledge, experience and insights.

THIS IS EASILY WORTH £50,000 to you and it’s FREE – Book NOW

2. Create Multiple Flows of Income

In business, sales, relationships and fitness, you are either getting better or you’re getting worse (and yes, staying the same is getting worse). Uncover who and what is making you money and how to multiply it.

Multiple flows of income are the holy grail to wealth creation. This webinar will show you tools and methods to create your future flows.

THIS IS EASILY WORTH £50,000 to you – Book your seat now for FREE

3. Increase Sales and Margins

Increasing sales is at the heart of what we do because without sales there is no money and therefore dreams cannot be turned into reality.  The difference between success and failure is really the difference between selling and NOT selling.

This webinar will help you to take the first step to double your sales.

THIS IS EASILY WORTH £50,000 to you – Book now

4. Build a Real Business

The RESULTS Webinar isn’t about attending a one hour webinar and you’ll make £50,000.  It’s about showing you how to build your business. It’s about not staying small but expanding.

Building a pitch, promotion, prospecting, closing, follow-up—all the tools I use to build my businesses are taught at the RESULTS Webinar.

THIS IS EASILY WORTH £50,000 to you even as a start-up much more if you are an established business – Book now for FREE

5. Improve your selling skills

Create confidence in yourself and the system that you use to create leads, create more meetings as a result of those leads and turn more of those meetings into sales. And remember, people, buy from people they know, like and trust.

There’s no better place to be at 4.00pm on 4th September than on my webinar.  It will be the best use of 1 hour that you’ve spent this year.

You will be taking the first step to increasing your business leads, meetings and sales.


LinkedIn training Portsmouth

If you are still not booked on to my LinkedIn workshop in Portsmouth on 8th August, then now it the time to sign up!

To book click here

If you are missing out on LinkedIn leads and sales then you are missing a great opportunity.  It’s only £129 + VAT to attend my workshop and the ROI (return on investment) from attending can be significant, with some people making £100k+ worth of business and one former delegate winning an order for £42,000,000.  Not a bad ROI!

So if you want to attend simply call me on 02392 985 954.  If you want to know more click here.

If you would like an in-house workshop for your sales team, then please drop me a line.

Watch my video – Why you need to use LinkedIn to create leads…

LinkedIn LeadGen Video

How to use LinkedIn to grow your business

How to use LinkedIn to grow your business – If you are on LinkedIn then there is every chance that you do not ever win any business on it and if you do, then it is probably very little.  Why is that?

It’s because:

  1. You don’t know what to do
  2. You don’t know what you don’t know about LinkedIn marketing
  3. You say you don’t have the time
  4. You don’t do anything
  5. You don’t pick up the phone and talk to people.

Watch this video and I guarantee that you will learn something that you did not know about LinkedIn and the pot of gold it contains for your business.

What the CESA thinks about Steve’s training

CESA has partnered with Steve on more than one occasion, working with him to deliver our CESA Social Media Workshops.

The content is always expertly delivered and extremely well received. Delegates have always ended the session with their objectives having been met.

The positive atmosphere and group dynamic that Steve creates aids the outcomes and benefits all involved.

We will continue to build on our relationship with Steve and work with him in the future.

Digital Marketing Masterclass Portsmouth

Digital Marketing Masterclass – How to win business using digital technology

The days of saying “I don’t really get digital marketing” are over. Why? Because digital marketing is only going to increase!

New ideas and technologies are emerging on a daily basis and current technologies changing and improving. So, you really need your business to come out of the dark ages and into the light where you can create leads for no money, or using a limited budget.

So the question is – Are you going to get left behind in the wilderness relying on networking, referrals and making cold calls, or are you going to stop making excuses and start making some money?

This Masterclass is for you…

  • Because some of your marketing doesn’t seem to work anymore
  • Because your web based sales, website signups and lead generation activity is not working
  • Because you don’t like what you see when you look at your sales and marketing results
  • Because you need more traffic, more signups, more leads and… more sales!
  • Because you are really committed to sorting this out
  • Because you are 100% committed to growing your business.

If you have some, or all of the above problems, then this… jam packed ONE DAY DIGITAL MARKETING MASTERCLASS may just be for you…

Watch this video to learn more about why this is important and how it will impact your business:

To book your place on the Masterclass simply call me on 02392 985 954.

Venue – Portsmouth – Wednesday 24th July 2019

Cost – Only £129 + VAT – Limited Numbers

Time – 9am to 4.30pm

During this Masterclass I will cover:

  1. Developing a digital marketing strategy
  2. The 5 keys to digital marketing success
  3. How to create leads on social media
  4. Using video to improve the perception of you
  5. How to double the number of people who visit your website
  6. How to improve your conversion rates
  7. The secrets of winning business on email
  8. Developing your database
  9. Over coming obscurity.

Any questions, or to book your place, please call 02392 985 954.

This came from a conversation I had with a friend a few days ago…

He asked me to explain what I’d do if my business failed and I had to build it back up from scratch.

Without thinking about it for more than a split second, I told him exactly what I’d do.

I’d focus on sales.

There is no other choice in business if you don’t have any sales or enough sales.

I would be back in business within days and have my first high paying clients within 1-2 weeks.

And… if you check out our events page – I’m going to be holding a FREE Live webinar where I show you *exactly* how to grow a business from scratch.

You can take a look here.

If you’re interested in starting your own business, or if you have just done so, then this is definitely for you because I’m going to show you the best way to get growth.

And… If you already have an existing business then this will show you methods for scaling it up and really taking things to that next level.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1. What are the best possible sales and marketing systems to start and why right now the “market timing” is perfect

2. The importance of picking a niche and how to pick your niche right away

3. The only 3 things you need to master to make high 6-figures, even 7-figures

4. How to get high-value clients even if nobody knows who you are

5. How to command high prices from day 1

This webinar is going to be Live and I don’t hold these very often so you definitely don’t want to miss this…

——- Click Here To Register For The Webinar Right Now ——–

Moving office

We are moving office tomorrow.  Friday 15th March 2019.

We are moving to:

Pure Offices

One Port Way, Port Solent

Portsmouth, Hampshire


Tel 02392 985 954

We look forward to welcoming clients and others to our new offices.