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How to win business on social media

Have you built a list on social media?  Are you posting to that list every day?

If you are, then well done, but the chances are that you are still not winning any leads, meetings and sales and this is because you have not yet found the secret ingredient to social media success.

In this video I am going to explain what I believe is the secret ingredient to posting.  It is a three step system that is a key part to our LinkedIn system that makes us over £100,000 per year in new sales on LInkedIn.

Have a listen to my thoughts…

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Stop watching Strictly if you are committed to growing your business

Let me be clear – I do realise ‘Strictly come Dancing’ is not on TV right now.

But I also realise that there is a myriad of TV programmes that most people watch that is stopping them:

  1. Growing their business
  2. Getting fitter
  3. Improving their relationships
  4. Learning new skills
  5. Etc.

So if you want to be more successful, stop watch all the crap you watch on TV and start taking action to improve your business, money, relationships, health and skills.

You need to change

Do you want Proof That You Need to Change?

Are you 100% happy with your business right now?  No!  Then that is proof that you need to change!

First—a quick story.

Last summer I did a major overhaul of my website.

The result has been positive with great feedback increased, visits up, conversion rate better, customers happier, and sales way up.

It got me thinking about how you must continually change, adapt, and refocus in business, marketing and sales to stay ahead in the game.

If you aren’t updating your business on a regular basis, then you will become stagnant.

This is not just true for your website, it’s true for every area in life.

Those that never change become dinosaurs.

The inability to adapt to changes in your environment will lead to extinction.

We live in a different world today than we did 10 years ago. If I never updated my website, I would be a dinosaur today. Want proof?

What happens though if you change and it becomes worse, or stay the same?

The truth is you can waist an awful lot of time and money on changes that may for work.  The 2nd truth is that you need sales and marketing advice from an expert.  If you are not sure you do, then ask yourself how is not having advise working out for you so far?

Take a look at your RESULTS

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How to become more successful

In this podcast I talk about success in business and I discuss why most businesses are not successful.

In fact, 80% of all small businesses who start this year will no longer be trading within five yes. What’s worse than that is that of the remaining 20% a full 90% of those will have closed their doors within the next five years. So if the first five don’t get you, then the second five probably will.

I’ve been in business for 25 years and so I must be doing something right.

However, more than that, I’ve spent the last 25 years studying business and learning from many of the worlds leading business experts and advisors and in this podcast I’m going to explain my thoughts regarding why businesses do not succeed at least not to the level that the owner of the business would like, or to the true potential of the business.

So, sit-back, relax and draw your own conclusions and let me share with you my thoughts on how you can become more successful.

Listen to “Episode 62 – Success” on Spreaker.


How to become more successful. Steve Mills Marketing Advice Basingstoke

Sales and Marketing Training

New sales and marketing training for 2019

This year I am offering new 1:1 training sessions (available on demand) on the list of topics below.

So you can now book one of these whenever you wish.

To book your session use the RESULTS Discovery link on this page – Click here

You will also need to confirm the training topic you want to cover in the 60 minute session.

The planned sessions you can choose from are:

  • SEO – How to conduct Keyword research and choose your terms
  • SEO – How to create SEO optimised content and structure your website
  • SEO – How to create offsite SEO content (3rd party links and articles) and how to manage
  • Website – How to improve the conversion rate of your website
  • Video – How to produce video for free, add it to your website and then market your videos
  • PPC – Google and Bings Ads (Foundation Level and Best Practice)
  • PPC – Google and Bings Ads (Intermediate to Advanced Level)
  • Referral – How to win more business by referral
  • Sales – How to win meetings on the phone
  • Sales – Handling objections
  • Sales – Producing a script
  • Sales setting up a sales system
  • Email Marketing – Best Practice
  • Email Marketing – Copywriting Techniques and Review
  • Email Marketing – Automation and Managing Lists / Accounts and Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns – Facebook
  • Social Media Campaigns – Instagram / Twitter
  • Social Media Campaigns – LinkedIn
  • Google Analytics / Search Console – How to Read!
  • WordPress – How to Use
  • Blogging – Best Practice
  • Lead Generation – Bespoke Ideas for Your Business

Each of these training programmes can be delivered either online, in our office, or (in your office, if you are within 1 hours drive of Basingstoke) (travel at 50p per mile is charged).

The cost of the training is £250 for 1 to 10 people.

To book your training please us our diary system on this page, but do not forget to email us to confirm the type of training you would like.

The holidays are coming…

The holidays are coming and they will be upon us soon

The advice I keep hearing is…

  • Slow down
  • Take it easy
  • Nothing will happen between 10th December and 10th January
  • Enjoy Christmas
  • Be happy with where you are and what you have
  • Enjoy the festive season.

Quite honestly, that advice is bullshit!

Whilst I don’t want to appear like Scrooge and say ‘bah-humbug‘, I do want to get you out of the mindset that Christmas starts on 10th December and ends on 10th January.  It doesn’t, for me it’s 24th, 25th and 26th December and then New Year’s day on 1st January.  If you are serious about growing your business, in 2019, then you need to be doing what your competitors are not willing to do and work right up to Christmas.  Can you really take a month off and do very little?

The truth is that most small business owners simply can’t “relax and take it easy” and that is because they never do enough during the year to free themselves of their struggle to survive and pay the bills that comes as a result of mediocre sales and marketing actions.

People who promote new age, esoteric advice like “take it easy” are encouraging a mindset that isn’t doing you any good.

My advice for you is that no one is going to save you!

No one is going to pay for your family or your retirement.  No one is going to pay your mortgage and no one is going to pay your tax bill, or VAT.

For the rest of December 2018, and throughout 2019, you need a different mindset.  You must use every moment you can of every day to create sales.

This will ensure that you accomplish your goals, happiness, security, confidence and dreams!

Right now, I have two ways that can help you do just that.

  1. I can mentor you throughout 2019 and help you to make significantly more than you did in 2018
  2. We can do your marketing for you with our in-house team.

Call me to discuss on 01256 242 272.