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LinkedIn online training – Train your team 24/7

£99.00 £49.00

Over 30 cutting edge video’s to help you to understand everything you need to do to make serious money on LinkedIn.  This is a monthly membership programme and is currently reduced from £99 + VAT to £49 + VAT per month.  Sales of £100,000 per year per person should be achievable from this programme.

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Welcome and thanks for your interest in our LinkedIn online training programme and we hope you decide to sign up to the programme

LinkedIn currently has over 550,000,000 business people connected worldwide, with over 27,000,000 in the UK.

It is the world’s No1 Professional Networking and Social Media website and is currently growing at the rate of two new members per second and we are glad you are taking it seriously!

LinkedIn is currently exploding!

However, the fact is that most businesses do not win business on LinkedIn. The reason for this is that they don’t use it properly.  They often half fill in their profile and then connect to a few people and do very little else.

I think that it is almost a law of life that:

“You get out of something, what you put into it”

And so it is with LinkedIn. If you sign up to LinkedIn and hope that business is going to flow to you in abundance, forget it!

In this training session, I am going to explain why using LinkedIn to grow your business is not a should, but a MUST and I am going to give you an understanding of why this is such a great opportunity for you.

What the programme covers

The programme contains over 30 video training sections and covers six modules.  They are:

  1. Creating a great first impression with your personal and company profiles
  2. Crowd development – Growing the number of people you can communicate with
  3. Know me, like me and trust me – Building relationships
  4. Traffic – How to get people from LinkedIn and on to your website, blog, and videos
  5. The paid-for LinkedIn services – How to use LinkedIn advertising, re-marketing, in-mail and other paid-for services
  6. Making sales – How to turn all this goodwill into sales on LinkedIn.

In the interests of clarity and honesty

We want to confirm that this programme is not endorsed, approved, or certified by LinkedIn in any way and Steve Mills is not a certified LinkedIn trainer.  He does, however, win £100,000+ per year in new business.