Steve Mills, Marketing CONSULTANT

Marketing Consultant – Hire me as your Part-Time Marketing Director


I was just thinking about my clients and other small business owners that I can help and I thought…

What can I do to help them to make 2020 the best year ever?

I came up with a very special offer?  I could become your part-time Marketing Director.  Putting together a Sales & Marketing Plan for 2020.  We could use our teamwork software to do it and you can have free access to the software for the whole of 2020. 



Management of your marketing function

I am a Marketing Consultant, or Part-Time Marketing Director with 25 years experience of marketing strategy, campaign planning and implementation. Having established knowledge, tools, resources, contacts and skills, I can help you to improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing in your business.

This can be done by working with you as your outsourced marketing director, helping both with the strategic elements of marketing planning, whilst also managing the day-to-day operations of the marketing team.  I also have a team of people who we can bring into your business with skills in website development, copywriting, PR etc.

I have worked with and trained 1,000’s of businesses, in hundreds of industries and I am the author of four marketing books, countless marketing programmes and training courses, including over 400 videos on YouTube, with a social media following of over 70,000 people.

In addition, from these 25 years of experience, I created ‘The RESULTS Accelerator Programme’ which is an automated marketing online training programme that improves your sales and marketing results, helping to create more profit for you and your business.

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