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How to Survive in Tough Times – A 12 Week Online Business Support Programme


We are all going through tough times at the moment, but that does not mean your business can’t survive through this.  What it does mean is things are going to have to change in your business – and I can help you and here’s how.

  • A 12 week online programme for up to 10 business owners
  • A weekly 2 hour meeting where we discuss issues affecting your business and provide you with ideas to ensure your best chance of survival
  • Work as part of a team of like minded business owners who are determined to succeed in these difficult times

See below for details regarding the weekly programme.

Attendance on the programme is limited to a maximum of 10 people and it costs only £250 + VAT.  It might just be the best £250 you ever spend!!!

The programme will start on Thursday 16th April 2020 and will run from 2pm to 4pm.

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HOW TO Give Your Business the Best Chance of Survival in these tough times…

A 12-week Online Coaching, Advice, Networking and Support Programme for Business Owners

Starting online on Thursday 16th April from 2pm to 4pm.

QUOTE – “Businesses fail because the owner of the business fails to do what they know they need to do in order to make the business successful.  As leaders, the choices we make, or more specifically, the choices we are unwilling to make, are the very things that stop our businesses from being great”. 

Normally we use this section to identify what a course/programme/workshop will contain and what we will be covering each week, but I wanted you to know that whilst I have provided below an agenda for our group to follow and to discuss, I want to clarify here and now that this may/will change due to the needs of the group and individuals within the group.

On 1st May 2020, I will have spent 25 years running my own business and I do not intend to allow the coronavirus to prevent that landmark.  Before that, I spent 10 years helping a company to become the biggest sports promotion agency in the UK.  During that time I have come through Ebola, foot and mouth, 9/11, the financial crisis of 2008, several wars, not to mention many internal ups and downs over the years and this bloody coronavirus is not going to stop me now and I am looking for others who think like me!

I have to say – This is the biggest challenge yet, but it will pass.  There will be a time when we look back on this and say “Wow…That was tough!”.  But the truth is that many businesses will no longer be in business.

However, to give yourself and your business the best chance of survival you need:

  1. A PLAN – Because the plan you had 2 months ago is not going to happen!
  2. A TEAM OF LIKEMINDED PEOPLE WHO ARE WORKING TOGETHER – Without this expertise and others to say “Come on, let’s start pushing things forward”, we may still survive, but we will not come out of this in as good a position as we could.
  3. The right attitude and a willingness to invest time and money to keep your business alive!

So here is the agenda outline!

Week 1 – Using technology to work from home!  Formation of goals, a plan to achieve those goals, reducing costs, paying people and getting paid

Week 2 – The grants, funding, loans and subsidies that are available.  Getting more credit!

Week 3 – Looking after and communicating with your current, or past clients

Week 4 – Interim marketing actions we need to take

Week 5 – Managing our sales pipeline (keeping people warm until the right time comes)

Week 6 – Communication with your key stakeholders, staff, customers, prospects and suppliers

Week 7 – Keeping the marketing going and selling as we look to the future

Week 8 – Creating new products, or offers – What do people want right now that you could offer?

Week 9 – Look at your products, services, pricing, delivery and staffing.  Use this time to do some serious analysis and strategic thinking

Week 10 – Improving your use of technology

Week 11 – Setting goals for the next 3 months

Week 12 – Planning for the future.

What you have to do now!

If you are really worried about the future, then join the programme NOW!  Worried?  I know I am, but I also know that worrying is not going to make it better.  What is going to make it better is thinking about…

  • Where you are?
  • What are you going to do?
  • How are you going to get enough money to survive?
  • What actions you are going to take?
  • How are you going to ensure you come out of this even stronger than when you went into it?

Want to join a group of people led by me who are 100% focussed on ensuring we survive, then thrive? Then sign up to this 12-week programme.  Membership costs £250 + VAT for the full 12 weeks.  That’s £20.83 per week and to be honest the £250 is irrelevant compared with the value you will get and if it helps to save your business, then it’s a no brainer!