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Read what Eddie Bullock, of Eddie Bullock Golf Management says about Steve Mills

Having experienced Steve’s marketing workshops, which have been engaging in terms of sharing different insights into innovative techniques and tactics to grow my business awareness. You “only know what you know”, Steve takes you through easy steps to enhance your knowledge in how to sell your expertise.


After 3 month on The Results Programme – What results did Palfrey Murphy Accountants get?

Palfrey Murphy Accountants are a leading firm of Accountants based in Cork in Ireland.  They signed up to The Results Accelerator Programme in May 2019.  In August 2019 they got 75 leads into their business.  Over the previous 12 months they had averaged 23 per month.  Not a bad start!

This is what Director Seamus Palfrey had to say…

“We have been on Steve’s Results Accelerator Programme for just 3 months now and in that brief time we have seen our average number of monthly leads increase by a whopping 64.7%. We are enthused by the results and the advice/support that Steve provides. Follow the process and you WILL GET GREAT RESULTS.”

Seamus Palfrey

How to turn more meetings into sales

Read what Tracy Daley of Van Walt has to say about Steve’s training workshop

Experience counts! Steve’s training style is peppered with lots of practical examples so the recent training course I attended was fun, informative and really useful. We learnt things we could put into practice immediately. Recommend you take a look for yourself at:

How to turn more meetings into sales

Karen Goldring’s comments about Steve’s training

I recently attended one of Steve’s workshops in Basingstoke. I gained a lot of useful information and practical tips from the session. Steve was very knowledgeable, engaging and encouraged active participation from the group. He was approachable and happy to take questions at any point. I would highly recommend Steve’s training to others.

How to turn more meetings into sales

David Dixon talks about our training

I attended Steve’s one-day marketing workshop. Not only does he know his subject extremely well, he also knows how to use marketing to grow your business, and his teaching style is relaxed, easy-going, effective,  efficient and fun.

I can heartily recommend Steve Mills.

How to turn more meetings into sales

What Martyn Smith had to say about Steve’s training

I attended Steve’s digital marketing workshop focused on LinkedIn. While I have had great commercial success with Social Media marketing in the past I wanted to beef up my personal social media presence on LinkedIn as part of my personal branding. While it will take a few weeks to implement the full range of techniques covered, and get results from the testing, I am now confident I can make a stand out first impression. It will also help me when I start a commercial LinkedIn page, and I know the techniques discussed will be transferable to Twitter/Facebook etc.

Steve speaking at event, Business Growth Day

Jo Woodgate-Brown attended my training and said…

Steve mills is a very knowledgeable man. His courses are extremely helpful, informative and easy to follow and implement. Would highly recommend Steve to anyone wanting to grow their business.


This is what Michael Brook says about Steve…

Steve is a true marketing professional. Steve Mills Marketing have made a big difference to our frsanchisees success and the success of our business. I would not hesitate in recommending Steve, his training and his marketing services.
Michael Brook – Professional Excellence

Chamber of Commerce

What does Lawyer Abigail Dubiniecki say about Steve Mills RESULTS Programme?

Fantastic Results workshop jam packed with practical, inexpensive tips for upping your social media game, gaining, developing and maintaining leads, and tonnes of great tips suitable for everyone from #freelancers, #SMEs to large companies. I highly recommend it.

Check out his great free resources as well, including a handy tool for coordinating your social media posts. He also offers a series of recorded webinars on Maximising LinkedIn.

Thanks Canada-UK Chamber for organising this!

Abigail Dubiniecki – Results-oriented lawyer and privacy professional adept at connecting the dots between compliance, risk, tech and trade.

How to market your online products on LinkedIn, Online LinkedIn training, Marketing speaker

This is what Stuart Scullian Executive Chairman of – The Association of Medical Insurers & Intermediaries says about my training

The Association of Medical Insurers & Intermediaries

We first met Steve when he did a 20 minute presentation to our members. It was so successful they asked if we would run it as an AMII Social Media masterclass event which we duly did! If you want to know how to grow your business using social media, particularly LinkedIn, get in touch with Steve.

The day was packed full practical demonstrations and useful advice whether you are a beginner or experienced user.
Stuart Scullion, Executive Chairman, The Association of Medical Insurers & Intermediaries